First Look: Lupo Verde

By Mitch Lee Payusan

Plaudits: None
Neighborhood: 14th Street/U Street

The Setup

The restaurant in question was Lupo Verde, the newest addition to the now blossoming 14th Street stretch. I was predisposed to dislike the place: the first time an Open Table miscommunication meant I had to move a six-person brunch last minute. Still, I owed Official Friend of DCWD HR Intern some catch up time and with the middle ground falling squarely at 14th and U, Lupo Verde seemed like a decent enough stop. The second strike was the restaurant's strict enforcement of a 5pm open time. Which isn't a complaint - this of course is their prerogative and the rules of the game - just an explanation of my mood having stood outside for 15 minutes in the cold before they let us in...